The Interest in sculpture began from a very early age, nowadays focussing on mosaic and Installation

Back to School, 2018.


Carved steel, olive wood, 20% zinc, 20% nickel, 60% copper.



This object represents two Shibriya knives facing each other and welded at the edges.

The welding point is the point where time stops for a moment, leaving space for choice. The sharp, timeless silence of the desert, gives hope for a positive transformation. The Shibriya is here used as a blackboard, with an alphabet etched on top, re-teaching us how to live as developed human beings, starting with A,B,C, respecting one-another.




Mosaic approx. 10x10 cm each


Inspired by the worldwide famous Terracotta Army from China, I would like to continue the discourse with an artillery made out of ceramic. Changing the function of weapons. In fact I like the idea that in an exhibition environment is not possible to touch an art work and if

the art work is a gun, even better, the invitation of not touching is still valid.

Cellular Listening



Sculpture made with ceramic, plaster, wood, grout, metal, paint, copper powder.

Following The Hare

Sculpture made with Wood, Ceramics, Grout


33 x 113 x31 cm

Attempt to reach the light

Hand cut ceramic tiles from Spain

Ø 60cm

LONDON, 2017

The Harvest

Hand-cut ceramic tiles from Spain

Ø 50cm

LONDON, 2017

Un Chien Andalou

Hand-cut ceramic tiles from Spain

Ø 60cm

LONDON, 2017


Hand-cut ceramic tiles from Spain


LONDON, 2016

Buddha's wish

Hand-cut ceramic tiles from Spain


LONDON, 2016