Some of the videos in this section include video-poems, video-performances and Videos which implemented Artworks I made. The moving-recorded image gives new opportunities to bring thoughts into form.

Back To School, video made for a sculpture installation made for a collective exhibition at Darat Al Funun, Amman, Jordan.

This object represents two Shibriya knives facing each other and welded at the edges.

The welding point is the point where time stops for a moment, leaving space for choice. The sharp, timeless silence of the desert, gives hope for a positive transformation. The Shibriya is here used as a blackboard, with an alphabet etched on top, re-teaching us how to live as developed human beings, starting with A,B,C, respecting one-another. The Sculpture was made with a traditional daggers technique and it's currently shown at Darat Al Funun in Amman, Jordan.

Transitory State

Deptford Market

London, UNITED KINGDOM, 2015

Cyber Poem N.1

London, UNITED KINGDOM, 2015

Cyber Poem N.3

London, UNITED KINGDOM, 2015

Relative Approach

Naples, ITALY, 2013

Ira Brevi Furor

St Petersburg, RUSSIA, 2013

Made during a residency at NCCA

Soil Soul

London, UNITED KINGDOM, 2015

Cyber Poem N.2

London, UNITED KINGDOM, 2015

Primeval Future

Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS, 2015

An Instant of Confusion

KOREA and JAPAN, 2014


London, UNITED KINGDOM, 2015