Melting Borders



My intention with this action is to highlight the beauty of culture and how nevertheless the difficulties Armenian culture remained very strong, so what remains of a flag is simply the real essence of culture, the sweetness of it. Flag belongs to politics and the real importance belongs to traditions and culture what people share and not what people struggle or fight for.

With this action I wanted to symbolically melt the borders away, leaving only the sweetness and the beauty of humanity, The first "Melting Borders happened in Armenia and by performing it I wanted to highlight the essence and beauty of its culture.

The shirt is what remains of the action which I intend to repeat in other countries and it also represents, a new flag, which is "politics free", the "Sweet Flag".

Sweet Flag

Melting Borders, Armenia, 2017

Sweet Flag

Melting Borders, Poland,  2018

Sweet Flag

Melting Borders, South Korea/North Korea, 2018

Sweet Flag

Melting Borders, Ukraine,  2018

Yerevan, Armenia (2017)

Performed during Residency Program with ACSL funded by ECF (European Cultural Foundation)

Photos by Elizabeth Gerdeman

Melting Borders, Yerevan, Armenia (2017),  filmed by Micha Hahn

Melting Borders in the DMZ area, Paju, South korea on North Korean Border, part of PyeongChang Cultural Olympics (2018).

Photos by Young Il KwonPhotos

Melting Borders, PyeongChang Cultural Olympics, DMZ Area, South Korea/North Korea Border,2018,  filmed by Gunho Jang

Melting Borders at Theatre Brama in Goleníow, Poland in occasion of Ludzka Mozaika Festival, part of Caravan Next (2018).

Photos by Delia Remy

Photos by Delia Remy

Melting Borders in Kharkiv, Ukraine. British Council in collaboration with Liverpool Biennale and Municipal Gallery, Kharkiv, Swap Uk/Ukraine residency (2018).

Photos by Anne-Camille LMG and Nata Popova

Melting Borders, Kharkiv, Ukraine (2018),  filmed by Nata Popova

Melting Borders in Amman, Jordan. Performed in Occasion of thfinal Exhibition at Darat Al Funun 30th Anniversary (2018).

Photo by Zakaria Mohammed

Photos by Joud Halawani Al-Tamimi

Melting Borders, Amman, Jordan (2018),  filmed by Zakaria Mohammed