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Riccardo Matlakas fuels imaginations, both Nationally and all over the world. With help from generous friends like you, Matlakas is able to share his work with
millions of visitors from around the world each year, helping the widest possible audience understand and enjoy contemporary art.

From award-winning online and on-site performance art offerings to innovative exhibitions, to free programs that enable a child’s first experience with contemporary art, your support makes a difference every day.

There are many ways to give to Matlakas—whether you are an individual, a family foundation, a corporation, or somewhere in between—with many custom benefits and privileges available in recognition of your generosity. Matlakas thanks his members and donors for their loyalty and enthusiasm and looks forward to working with new friends as he builds for a future of even more extraordinary art and experiences. Choose your favorite option, either through PayPal/card transfer or QR code.