Land in Land


Land In Land, A new performance by Matlakas in wonderful Sofia, Bulgaria, April 2022. A new Maple tree was planted in front of Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art Софийски арсенал-музей за съвременно изкуство/Sofia Arsenal-MCA Photo by Mihaela Draganova. Special thanks to Visionary and Mihaela Kamenova to make possible this 'sharp' work and for the planting of a new Maple tree in town, which is now growing.

Performance art by Matlakas Producer: Visionary Soundtrack: Rossen Pavlov Photographer: Mihaela Draganova The project is organized with the financial support of the National Cultural Fund and the Italian Cultural Institute in Sofia (Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Sofia). Partners: Zalag Darise.

“Land in Land” is an art performance in which the multidisciplinary artist Riccardo Matlakas created a knife wearable structure while walking in the town of Sofia, ending with the planting of a Maple tree as a permanent installation in front of Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary art. The action addresses the issue of political corruption in Bulgaria. Matlakas proposed the creation of the land “we want” in the existing land, where people would share and express their vision of this future.