Heimat Obstruction Series


Heimat Obstruction is a series of actions/performances made in public spaces, where I just performed spontaneously. On my opinion, art can be made in any context and it can be perfomed and showed in public spaces, without the support of any institution, going straight to the audience. This approach witnesses a lot of planning and strategies before the action can be made. The context is very important for the action delivered.


Heimat Obstruction has been performed in Europe, Korea, China, Japan, Russia and South Africa.


London, Uk, 2017

Have You Seen The Sky?

Seoul, SOUTH KOREA, 2014

Still frame image.

Drawing The Line

Beijing, CHINA, 2014

Seagull Chase

Inle Lake, MYANMAR, 2013

Still frame image.


Bagan, MYANMAR, 2013

Still frame image.

Beyond The Veil

London, UNITED KINGDOM, 2013

In Between

Louvre Musuem

Paris, FRANCE, 2012


Berlin, GERMANY, 2011

Depth and Surface

Oslo, NORWAY, 2012

Inner Structure of Things

Paris, FRANCE, 2012

Still frame image

Fooling The Tate

London, UNITED KINGDOM, 2011


Paris, FRANCE, 2012

Still frame image

Perpendicular Phenomena

Tokyo, JAPAN, 2015


London , UNITED KINGDOM, 2013

Still frame image

The Foreign Self

Seoul, SOUTH KOREA, 2014

Still frame image

ESN Operator

Seoul, SOUTH KOREA, 2015

Photo by Eun Ji Lee

Video by Chang Woo Hahm. Special thanks to Joohee Lohmoller.

Video by Anne Wharren.

Video by Francesca del Giudice

Video by Pal Nangla

Video by Magdalena Galindo

Video by Blaster

Video by Eun Ji Lee