Pro-Occupation curated by Palomart and filmed by Virto360, music: Ibrahim Korba القدس هترجع and محمد الاشقر زريف الطول - ير غول by BATTIR . Pro-Occupation is a project that was born as an act of solidarity for the "concern" for the lives at risk of the Palestinian people and the constant loss of their land. The title suggests a favorable occupation: the occupied area, delimited and identified by an olive tree, represents a piece of Palestinian land with its own rules and customs. A symbolic demand that pushes for a change toward equality and that will end only when Palestine is free. The olive tree was planted during the performative action n.1 of "Pro-Occupation". The performance will be repeated in different cities around the world where pieces of land will be symbolically occupied in solidarity with Palestine. This performance by Matlakas wants to be a promoter of peace between Palestine and Israel, reminding us that there is enough land for all of us to live in. Creating new lands for Palestine functions in the promotion of peace and solidarity. This project is thought of with the utmost respect for both Palestine and Israel. more on: Special thanks to Enzo di Natale (meyor of Aielli) Antonio Paloma, Aber Odeh (ambassador of Palestine in Italy) , Pierluigi Nucci, Valeria Iozzi, Giulia Turconi, Ciro Peluso, Anis Daraghma, Filippo Micillo.

Photos by Francesca di Paola and Virto 360

Above: Pro-Occupation #1 at Monticello Amiata, (IT). Permanent installation

Below Pro_Occupation #2 in Aielli (Boprgo Universo (IT). Permanent Installation