Saffron Tears



Performed in Art Centre, Tehran, Iran.

Iran is facing an imminent drought emergency due to pollution and the wrong direction we have taken with treating our planet, an emergency which we need to take into account in order to properly develop as a species.

“Suffron Tears” has been specifically created for Soul of the desert exhibition as saffron is known as the red gold of desert because its origin is Iran's deserts and it’s also were droughts are increasing dramatically.

The suffron-ice-cube held by the performer slowly weeps its tears to remind us, who we really are as human being and what we really need, the healer property of this magic flower drips his ancient knowledge in our perceptions, connecting us with nature, reminding us of the risk we are

taking by treating the planet the way we are nowadays.

The white clothes stained of saffron will function as a memorial stone with inscriptions of nature, who asks for help, our ancestors remind us the right way to be.

The shirt imprinted with saffron is what will remain of this action.

Tehran, Iran (2017)

Performed during Soul of the Desert Exhibition, preview of Art For Peace festival.

Photos by Roudabeh Tankarami

and Fereidoun Farboud  and Zahara Amrollahi

Above: Outfit afer the performance