Talking Field


Talking Field was conceived and performed at Nahmad Projects in London (2016), in occasion of the "I am not Tino Sehgal" exhibition launched by Francesco Bonami and Nahmad Projects.

Talking field is a choreographed performance lasting six hours, where eight performers signing BSL were asked to sign about the environment and its issues and solutions.

London, United Kingdom (2016)

Performed for Nahmad Projects

Photo by Benedict Johnson

Description of Talking Field

Art director: Riccardo Matlakas

Performers: Ace Mahbaz, Andrew Downes, Androula Kafa, Christine DeBlase, Matthew Tayler, Nathalie Matthias, Nathalia Vilches and Troi Lee.

Talking field was performed for 6 hours signing about the topic of environment, political issues, wars and solutions. Talking Field because audience is able to feel the density of the communication whilst in between the silent speakers. Solutions exist but perhaps they aren't heard and probably when seen they could be acknowledged.