The Last Soldier



Performed in Artzakh/Karabackh, Stepanakert, 2017

The action began by searching for the Original Armenian Uniform, boots and hat, after a while managing to find an original uniform and boots of my size who was borrowed by an ex military, I had to find the hat, which was borrowed by a current young armenian soldier.

During the performance, wearing Armenian Army Uniform, who was borrowed by an armenian friend, I carried a large tufa red stone on my shoulder & held a white flower on one hand and slow walked through town. The work consists in an energy healing walk focused on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

My idea was to create the image of a soldier who walks in slow motion, reflective, showing his inner world, a soldier who slowed down & thought about the cyclic past of human kind, which is represented by armenian stone & links to culture & history. The white flower is the icon for a blossoming future.

The Last Soldier carries love.

The action lasted 3 hours & documented for about 1 hour.

Stepanakert, Artzakh (2017)

Performed on the border city between Karabakh/Arzach and Azerbajan

Photos by Armyne Vanyan

Special Thanks to Arpine Akyobyan,

Ofelya Petrosyan, Vadim Balayan

The Last Soldier, Karabakh (2017),  filmed by Armine Vanyan

THE LAST SOLDIER in Solidarity with Ukraine


The Last soldier Action happened in front of Downing street in London for the independence day of Ukraine as well as commemorating the sixth month of war.6 months of war and bloodshedUkraine’s Independence Day The purpose of this performance is to raise awareness to companies that have Russian ties and investments from Russian oligarchs that are close to Putin. These companies are taking part in funding the war - Udemy, Getir, Yandex and Revolut.As consumers of these global companies, we have the power to make a change. We can do this by refusing to purchase from these companies and by highlighting their connection to Russian blood money.

Photos by Anna Goldenberg

Videos by Alina Symonenko