The Patriot



The Patriot was conceived and performed in South Korea, in occasion of Matlakas Solo Exhibition in 2014.

Gwangju Biennale was occupied through this performance. It also criticises the way society has created boundaries and particularly focuses on topics such as occupation and ownership but also the extreme madness existing on these topics.

Gwangju, South Korea (2014)

Perfomed for Gwanju Biennale

Photos by Pipo Domagas

The Patriot, Gwangju (2014), performed in occasion of Gwangju Biennale. Video by Pipo Domagas. Perfomance in Gwangju Biennale Square. Music track: YALA YALA YA ASFURA BY BRAHIM IHNINE

Description of The Patriot

The Patriot is a witty performance that ironically criticises the way society makes boundaries and how ownership is divided by country. In this performance, Gwangju Biennale is "occupied" for a night and called "Venice Biennale" since it was the first art biennale established in the world. The artist jokes upon it but also highlights the "madness" of extremists who are crazy for their own country without acknowledging others.

Concept and performance by Riccardo Matlakas in collaboration with Park Kyeong Hwa

Special thanks to Global Art Making Network and Gim Gwang Cheol